Happy birthday, Park Yoochun!

I know, I know. I have yet again disappeared off the face of the Earth without any trace for a long while. I apologize for doing so once again but uni was really baffling me that I couldn’t balance my life well >.< I hope you all understand!

This will just be a short post as I am currently in the midst of exam preparation which will start in 3 days and I would very much like to pass them with flying colors!

I would just like to wish my all-time favorite, Park Yoochun, a happy birthday! I can’t believe he’s growing another year older! >.< How time flies by so quickly~!



[Jiy’s Day] Life at this Moment + New Cute Little Trinket! (Day 125 of 365)

Recently, I haven’t been doing much lately in terms of splurging on cosmetics and skincare or the like. I’ve been so buried with schoolwork that I think I’m literally going crazy! >.< Seriously, I am just hanging on a thin string of sanity.

University life is pretty hectic right now, with loads of projects and assignments due very soon and many quizzes to complete until the end of the semester. Thus, I’m heavily preparing for the upcoming end-of-semester exams as well as the assignments and projects that are due before that. Jiy, fighting! >o<

Anyways, aside from my school life right now, I just wanted to share something that I recently received! I didn’t buy it; I was awarded it out of the blue and it’s very cute! ♥

Micky Yoochun charm in Missing You form!
Micky Yoochun charm in Missing You form!

It’s a cute little charm of Yoochun in his Missing You outfit! I won this just by liking a post in a page called Cute KPop Charms Australia on Facebook. The shop is based from New South Wales, Australia, and they basically make KPop idol charms upon request!

I’m not sure if they will be able to ship charms outside of Australia but do give it a go! (Facebook page | Etsy) Best of all, they package it very well (with bubblewrap!) with a cute little personal thank you note! 🙂


Now I currently have Yoochun happily dangling on my little coin purse ♥

[K-DRAMA] Spy (Episodes 15&16) Finale + Final Thoughts

I have greatly put this off for a very long time to the point that, for a brief moment, I forgot that I haven’t even reviewed the last two episodes of the K-drama Spy. Thank goodness that I have remembered and thus, here I am now to talk about the finale, despite Kim Jaejoong already servicing in the army. Since I cannot be bothered (or more likely that I have not much time since I have some assignments to complete after this) to watch the final two episodes once again, I will be writing my opinion and what has happened based on my memory. Hopefully, I still remember quite a bit before finally letting go of the said drama ^^ Continue reading

[TRAVEL] My Trip to Tasmania! (Part 2)

Tasmania is truly a wonderful getaway from every day life. Although there are also many other different places to go to for relaxation and sightseeing, I reckon Tasmania, Australia is a great place for just that.

In the last post, I talked about only half of my journey while I was in Tasmania. I mentioned the vibrant Salamanca Market, the blissful aura from the Callington Windmill, the park in Launceston, as well as the rocky speedboat ride (that literally scared me a little) in Bruny Island, where we got to see life out in the wild.

Another interesting place we went to was Hastings Cave. Continue reading

[TRAVEL] My Trip to Tasmania! (Part 1)

I apologize for the lack of posts this week and before this week. It just seemed that I came and went the other week, as I posted quite a lot for a week then disappeared without a trace yet again! >.< My deep apologies for the sudden disappearance.

The past week and so has been quite a roller coaster as I was trying my best to catch up with the classes that I’ve missed by watching them online as well as finishing the load of homework that has just blatantly been dumped onto my poor head. Additionally, I had a mid-semester exam to study for so I was literally doing my best to stand firm!

However, enough about that as I would really like to talk about my trip to Tasmania! I feel like it’s due time that I post about it before I forget what I did during the trip! Continue reading

[NAIL ART] Going for a Cutesy Kind of Look

Hey hey!

It’s been well ages since I last painted my nails. I’ve truly missed it, indeed! Even though I sometimes don’t have the patience to sit around and wait for them to dry, the wait is almost always worth it because I get to design it however I like. With mid-semester break at this very moment, I have some time to paint my nails with a quick little design that doesn’t take too long of my precious time!


This autumn, I’ve decided on a simple light pink base coat with white dots on the tips using my ever reliable dotting tools. Right now, they look like half clouds or the sizzling foam when you mix root beer with vanilla ice cream! I’ve also dotted over a few of the white bubbles with silver glitter to give it some bit of an accent but I kind of regret it. My nails looked a bit better without them. However, I’m still very happy with the turnout of my nails! They look like those normal, everyday mani but with a bit more fun added into it!

Now, I can study, write, sleep, read and everything else well with cute nails!

Junsu Cast in Death Note the Musical?!


Are my eyes deceiving me? Is this the real truth? What’s happening?

Oh my gosh, I swear I am dreaming because Kim Junsu did NOT just get cast into Death Note the Musical. No way is he really in it. Somebody pinch me! *cries*

For those who do not know, Death Note is originally a manga from Japan that has caught so much attention. There’s an anime for it as well as a live-action version of the story. A musical was also done for the manga in Japan. Now, here we are, with Junsu cast as one of the main characters of the story in the Korean version of the musical.

In summary, there’s a guy named Light who discovers a notebook called the Death Note and whoever’s name he wrote on it while thinking about the person’s facial features eventually gets killed, usually by heart attack if no mode of death is written alongside the name. L, whom Junsu will be portraying, is an interesting detective who lives off sweets and sits very strangely but has an incredible record of finding the culprit in investigations. Basically, the pair play mind games (as Light is also a very smart man) until either of them eventually loses.

It’s actually pretty interesting how they’ve come so far as to making an actual musical for this story. I’m not exactly sure how they’re going to be singing, especially L since, in the most part, he’s a man of very very few words unless absolutely necessary, so it’ll be interesting. Plus, if Japan has succeeded in their musical, so will S. Korea.

Unfortunately, I absolutely have no money to go for this and I’m really really disappointed because I really want to see it! I wouldn’t mind not understanding what they’re saying since I know the story; I’m particularly interested in how they’re going to sing songs in this type of story-turned-musical.

Kim Junsu, please do your best! By the way, you look very appealing in your promotion photos ♥