Junsu Cast in Death Note the Musical?!


Are my eyes deceiving me? Is this the real truth? What’s happening?

Oh my gosh, I swear I am dreaming because Kim Junsu did NOT just get cast into Death Note the Musical. No way is he really in it. Somebody pinch me! *cries*

For those who do not know, Death Note is originally a manga from Japan that has caught so much attention. There’s an anime for it as well as a live-action version of the story. A musical was also done for the manga in Japan. Now, here we are, with Junsu cast as one of the main characters of the story in the Korean version of the musical.

In summary, there’s a guy named Light who discovers a notebook called the Death Note and whoever’s name he wrote on it while thinking about the person’s facial features eventually gets killed, usually by heart attack if no mode of death is written alongside the name. L, whom Junsu will be portraying, is an interesting detective who lives off sweets and sits very strangely but has an incredible record of finding the culprit in investigations. Basically, the pair play mind games (as Light is also a very smart man) until either of them eventually loses.

It’s actually pretty interesting how they’ve come so far as to making an actual musical for this story. I’m not exactly sure how they’re going to be singing, especially L since, in the most part, he’s a man of very very few words unless absolutely necessary, so it’ll be interesting. Plus, if Japan has succeeded in their musical, so will S. Korea.

Unfortunately, I absolutely have no money to go for this and I’m really really disappointed because I really want to see it! I wouldn’t mind not understanding what they’re saying since I know the story; I’m particularly interested in how they’re going to sing songs in this type of story-turned-musical.

Kim Junsu, please do your best! By the way, you look very appealing in your promotion photos ♥


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