[NAIL ART] Going for a Cutesy Kind of Look

Hey hey!

It’s been well ages since I last painted my nails. I’ve truly missed it, indeed! Even though I sometimes don’t have the patience to sit around and wait for them to dry, the wait is almost always worth it because I get to design it however I like. With mid-semester break at this very moment, I have some time to paint my nails with a quick little design that doesn’t take too long of my precious time!


This autumn, I’ve decided on a simple light pink base coat with white dots on the tips using my ever reliable dotting tools. Right now, they look like half clouds or the sizzling foam when you mix root beer with vanilla ice cream! I’ve also dotted over a few of the white bubbles with silver glitter to give it some bit of an accent but I kind of regret it. My nails looked a bit better without them. However, I’m still very happy with the turnout of my nails! They look like those normal, everyday mani but with a bit more fun added into it!

Now, I can study, write, sleep, read and everything else well with cute nails!


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