[K-DRAMA] Spy (Episodes 15&16) Finale + Final Thoughts

I have greatly put this off for a very long time to the point that, for a brief moment, I forgot that I haven’t even reviewed the last two episodes of the K-drama Spy. Thank goodness that I have remembered and thus, here I am now to talk about the finale, despite Kim Jaejoong already servicing in the army. Since I cannot be bothered (or more likely that I have not much time since I have some assignments to complete after this) to watch the final two episodes once again, I will be writing my opinion and what has happened based on my memory. Hopefully, I still remember quite a bit before finally letting go of the said drama ^^

Spy’s last two episodes were filled with, well, chasing, gunshots, and near-death experiences, as expected from an action-genre drama. To summarize as brief as I can from my awful memory, Hwang Kichul had scheduled himself to leave on a boat with Sunwoo’s mother to another country however, Sunwoo’s persistence in catching him proved escaping to be very difficult. On top of that, Kichul’s own minions turned their backs on him, wanting the money in the hard drive as theirs and demanding to have their boat tickets for access out of the country. (Merciless Kichul killed them all, though.) Sunwoo eventually found his mother and was able to injure Kichul to extreme exhaustion that he, while trying to escape on his own, ended up collapsing and dying at the boat dock.

Sunwoo’s Supervisor, Joonghyuk, got killed because he caused too much havoc that would taint the company. Yoonjin almost got killed through the same poison that Kichul injected into another “comrade’s” veins but, fortunately, Sunwoo had the antidote this time to save her, thanks to his friend and co-worker, EunAh. After saving his mother and carrying her to safety due to injury, Sunwoo tried to catch Kichul but found him flat dead on the ground. This happened while Yoonjin helped aid and led Sunwoo’s mother to the hospital for treatment of her wounds, before she mysteriously disappeared.

The last few minutes of the drama showed Sunwoo’s family, living happily and well after the whole scenario and free from any charges from the police. Sunwoo’s mother was seen alive and well after a near-death experience, and Sunwoo has quit from the NIS and was seen actually working as a community service worker. After so long, he finally met with Yoonjin again through Hyuntae, his former co-worker.

Spy was a really great drama. I really liked Sunwoo’s relationship with his family and Yoonjin at the start. Although his relationships were greatly challenged because of just one man, he was still able to patch things up with them, especially with his mother, Hyerim. The mother and son relationship was greatly admirable! I also liked the action and the build-up of suspense for anticipation of the next episode; the drama seriously knows how to stir up their viewers by leaving them with cliffhangers!

I loved Sunwoo’s relationship with Yoonjin here and, as you probably know, I was sad when they broke up mid-way of the series. I was expecting them to come back together again or at least kiss in the midst of tracking Kichul down but that didn’t happen (just in my imagination, maybe :P). I wasn’t so happy with their scene at the ending, because it was just the both of them standing at a river and smiling at each other after having not seen the other in so long; what a boring scene! I was expecting a hug or something but that didn’t happen either, and I was disappointed about that again. I wished that they showed more of Sunwoo and Yoonjin love at the finale! >.<

However, despite that small disappointing scene, I was still happy with the rest of the finale. It’s relieving to know that Sunwoo’s mother didn’t die due to her injuries, and his family was seen to be well. Youngseo was her old silly self, as well ^^ If I were to change anything, I would definitely change that Sunwoo and Yoonjin scene; more Sunwoo x Yoonjin love, please! ♥ Other than that, I would probably give Youngseo more scenes because she’s just really cute, haha!

Now that Spy is finished, I’m set to start on The Girl Who Sees Smells however, I don’t think I’ll be starting to watch it anytime soon, since things are getting in the way (*cough*university*cough*). Despite scheduling my time as best as I could, I still find it difficult to do the things that I really want to do. I will, however, do my best to start watching it soon, before it finishes airing in Korea! >.<

Until then, take care, my readers! ♥


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