[Jiy’s Day] Life at this Moment + New Cute Little Trinket! (Day 125 of 365)

Recently, I haven’t been doing much lately in terms of splurging on cosmetics and skincare or the like. I’ve been so buried with schoolwork that I think I’m literally going crazy! >.< Seriously, I am just hanging on a thin string of sanity.

University life is pretty hectic right now, with loads of projects and assignments due very soon and many quizzes to complete until the end of the semester. Thus, I’m heavily preparing for the upcoming end-of-semester exams as well as the assignments and projects that are due before that. Jiy, fighting! >o<

Anyways, aside from my school life right now, I just wanted to share something that I recently received! I didn’t buy it; I was awarded it out of the blue and it’s very cute! ♥

Micky Yoochun charm in Missing You form!
Micky Yoochun charm in Missing You form!

It’s a cute little charm of Yoochun in his Missing You outfit! I won this just by liking a post in a page called Cute KPop Charms Australia on Facebook. The shop is based from New South Wales, Australia, and they basically make KPop idol charms upon request!

I’m not sure if they will be able to ship charms outside of Australia but do give it a go! (Facebook page | Etsy) Best of all, they package it very well (with bubblewrap!) with a cute little personal thank you note! 🙂


Now I currently have Yoochun happily dangling on my little coin purse ♥


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