Here are some answers to your everyday questions!

1) What is this blog for?
This blog is for anything and everything under the sun that I find interesting, enjoyable, cute and/or worth fangirl-ing about. I review makeup and cosmetics as well as talk about the games I play, the books I read and the dramas I watch. I also sometimes post about my day, since this blog focuses on me, an average Cassiopeian amongst many in the fandom ^^


2) What or who inspired you to start this?
Many things. Many many things.
However, mostly I got inspired by my friend, who is actually a drama-er, reviewing different dramas from different countries that she watches! I thought that maybe I could do something like what she does except my posts will be more personal and more so about myself 🙂


3) So you’re into KPop, right? What fandom are you a part of?
I’m a Cassiopeia; I’ve started following the 5 boys since around 2007-2008 (shamelessly doesn’t remember the exact date, sobs). I absolutely adore Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu. Jung Yunho is a very handsome man; very husband material, ahaha!


4) You like to play video games?
Why yes I do! Though I play the commonly loved games like Pokemon, MarioKart, Legend of Zelda, etc. so nothing too special about that, I guess…
In case any of you are wondering (and correct me if I’m wrong), my consoles are: Wii, Nintendo 3DS, DS Lite, Gameboy Advance SP & PSPGo. I guess from those, you might kind of already guess what games I play.


5) How often do you watch dramas?
That really depends. Japanese dramas are fine for me to watch as they generally don’t take too long (approx. 30 minutes) for me to sit down on my already flat butt.
Korean dramas, on the other hand, are difficult for me to stay put since they are twice as long as regular dramas (approx. 1 hour!). It takes me quite awhile to finish as I tend to fidget around. I cannot sit still and watch. I HAVE to do something whilst watching.
As a result, it might take a real while for me to post up a review for a Korean drama…


6) How about anime?
Anime is fine for me to watch! Like Japanese dramas, they don’t take too long 🙂 I figure that there are a lot more interesting stuff going on in anime than in dramas so I guess you can expect a lot more anime reviews than drama reviews! Hehe~


7) How do I contact you? (For some unknown reason)
You may contact me by leaving comments on any of my posts! You may also follow/mention me on Twitter!


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