[Jiy’s Day] Kim Jaejoong’s Enlistment + The Girl Who Sees Smells + More (Day 96 of 365)

As I’ve mentioned in my recent posts, I have been on holiday for nearly a week to Tasmania, which also meant that I was well away from the captivating hold of the Internet for quite a while. To be honest, the experience really wasn’t so bad; it was absolutely refreshing to be away from the habit of looking at tiny screens and flicking my thumb on touchscreens for a source of entertainment, and rather focusing on the beautiful nature outside.

However, being kept away from the Internet also kept me away from extremely important news about the boys I truly care about (as well as my friends on Facebook and Twitter, haha!). This includes Kim Jaejoong’s recent entry to military, the premiere airing of Park Yoochun’s new drama The Girl Who Sees Smells, as well as the recent news of Jung Yunho’s enlistment to the military later in the year or so it has been rumored to be. On top of that, we can never forget Kim Junsu’s dedication for his fellow friend, Jaejoong, for a safe and inspiring experience in training, and Shim Changmin for being, well, Changmin himself. Continue reading


[COSMETIC] Etude House’s Dear My Wish Lips-Talk

After all these weeks or perhaps even months that I last talked about anything cosmetic-related, I have finally returned and once again found the intended path of this blog: cosmetics! Good golly, does it really feel good to be back!

Newly opened!
Newly opened!

I received a few things as well as bought a number of them but firstly, I really really really want to talk about Etude House’s Dear My Wish Lips-Talk lipstick that has been out in the market since, I think, late last year. The lipstick is said to be the better version of the Dear My Blooming lipsticks that I initially wanted (since it caused quite a stir on how good it apparently was), as it has a better formula or something like that but I don’t really have evidence to confirm this >.<

Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk packaging
Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk packaging

Comparing the photos of the Dear My Blooming lipsticks (after Googling) to the current “new” Dear My Wish lipsticks, the plastic packaging has changed quite a bit; the placement of the ribbon has moved from one end to the middle of the stick and I think the shape has altered slightly, too. The design on the box has changed as well, but the colors used are still the same; shades of pink. In the design factor, I think it has improved in comparison to the older version; it looks more appealing and doesn’t look like a tampon (deep apologies but it did look like a womens’ necessity for monthly periods). Plus, you don’t have to fuss around with it to open and use. Continue reading

[Jiy’s Day] Extremely Late Post – Look of the Day (Day 94 of 365)

Finally, a post about make-up! Although I’m not so much reviewing any of the products I recently purchased and used since it’ll take me forever to type up. I have just returned from my mini vacation away from the stress and, as mentioned in my last post, I literally missed a whole week of university for travel. Therefore, there’s a lot of catching up to do for me as well as online assignments to complete and hand-in.

As a result, this post will be very short and will basically showcase my look for a birthday party of a dear friend of mine, which pretty much happened two weeks ago, on the 21st of March (yikes!)

Please be mindful that I used an app called B612 (affiliated with LINE app) and there are filters which I obviously used since they’re kinda unavoidable for this application, therefore the colors have altered a bit. Even though it did change the colors and hues, my face definitely didn’t change (since some Japanese selfie apps have some features to somehow alter your facial features like enlarging your eyes). To be very honest, I quite like this app much more than the other apps that I’ve downloaded (Line Camera being one of them).

IMG_0727 IMG_0730

I finally got around to using the Dear My Wish Lips-Talk lipstick that my friend has purchased for me! I absolutely love the shade; it’s a dark pink shade (nearly towards red in color but comes in a slightly bright pink when applied) that smells like roses and I absolutely love it to the core. I also used the Escargot BB Cream from the Face Shop that my other dearest friend sent through to me by “snail mail” and it was pretty magical to use. I’ll write up separate posts for them in the future as I have lots to talk about for these two new great gifts ^^

As you can maybe (or maybe not) see, I also tried a different flick for my cat-eye. Instead of just one single flick, I added a small subtle one on top and I guess it made it look like I have curvy eyelashes which is pretty cool! It was not intended and I was simply playing around with my gel eyeliner so I was glad it turned out great!

I absolutely did nothing to my hair which was a bummer at first. I planned to have my hair sort of curled at the bottom however, since I was already sort of running late, I decided in the last minute to just leave the idea out. Now that I think about it, though, maybe curling the ends of my hair wouldn’t match the look so I’m relieved that I ditched that plan. Since my hair has gotten pretty long now to the point that it nearly ends at my waist, I’m planning to chop it off up until just a little below my shoulders but the idea is still in the process of judgement and thinking, hehe.

Anyways, now you all know what I look like! Did it come as a surprise?

March Reads; What I Do during My Spare Time

Greetings, everybody! I know, “Curses, Jiy! When are you going to post about make-up and/or skincare? *shakes fist in a threatening manner*” is probably what you’re thinking up to this post. I have indeed not posted anything skincare nor make-up related and I absolutely have no good excuse for that because, let’s face it, I could probably handle my life better. The sad thing is, even if I could, I don’t put enough effort to make it right, haha!

In fact, as I write this right now, I have just decided to type this after 2 hours of deciding on how I wanted to spend this particular evening. Strange, I know, but that’s just how my brain works. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like doing anything or I want to do something but there’s no drive to decide what to do first. It’s probably just me (and a handful of other people across the other side of the world) that does this >.<

Anyways, for this post, I would just like to update everybody on what I’ve basically been doing on my free time, which is reading novels, when my face is not buried on a science-related textbook. Continue reading

[Jiy’s Day] New Page! Let’s Exchange Links!

I’ve been putting this off for a while since I’ve been so busy lately but I finally got around to doing it!

If you guys haven’t noticed, there’s now a new tab/page/link at the top bar menu on my blog called “Awesome Bloggers!” (Yeah, my title-ing of things require more work). This page basically lists down every blogger that I’ve exchanged links with to guide my wonderful readers towards other wonderful bloggers out there!

We’re not only doing this for our benefit but we’re also guiding our readers to other bloggers in other parts of the world that may be that “perfect blog to read” 😀

If you would like to exchange links, do say so! ♥

(I know it looks too simple. Heck, my whole blog theme is too simple that sometimes it pains my eyes because there seems to be nothing that’s pretty eye-catching but for now, formatting will have to wait >.<)

[Jiy’s Day] University Down Under + Getting Super Busy! (Day 77 of 365)

Here I am yet again with another post about my university life. I’ve noticed that my Jiy’s Days posts have quite a lot of mentions of my university life and I thought that maybe not everyone understands what I’m talking about, or can’t really relate so well to get the full picture that I’m trying to explain through words. Thus for this post, I’ll focus about university here in the majestic land down under and hopefully, things get clearer for my international readers! 🙂

Firstly, let me just quickly mention that since I’m currently living in Australia, obviously I’m using the Australian Standard of English and, if you haven’t noticed, there are some massive differences with the English language from many different English-speaking countries. I would just like to point out that when I say “university”, it is simply what American English speakers call it as “college” (and also “university” but I think they use the latter more) however, from my knowledge both terms are of the same level and mean the same thing so maybe my explanation wasn’t really needed. But hey, now you know what variety of English I’m using! (Strange how I use the American Standard spelling, though.) Continue reading

[Jiy’s Day] Second Week of University (Day 73 of 365)

Hello everybody! It’s been really a long time since I posted anything (besides the post about the K-Drama, Spy) and I really apologize for that! I’ve made myself really busy with university life lately. I thought the first few weeks would be quite a breeze which will give me amples of time to blog but wow, was I really wrong about that! It’ll certainly take me a while to get used to and find a perfect schedule that fits blogging in there!

If I didn’t mention it before, the past week was my second week of my first year in university and I have a few highlights that I really want to talk about and document to look back to in the future. Additionally, there are also some other things that I just really want to rant about, heh. Continue reading